(Abstract Sculpture)

The sculpture was commissioned by the National Trust for Mottisfont Abbey. Triangulum is site specific to the Abbey, the hand-carved stone is the same material as the Abbey is constructed of. The steel forms echo the Yew Octagon on which the sculpture is placed. The Yew Octagon was commissioned by Maud Russell in 1934. As with King-Post and Quintessence, the inner steel forms are constructed from a modular form of two square section pieces of steel rod, welded together at an angle of 45 degrees. This modular shape can be articulated through space and welded to any of the 14 points of its corresponding shape. So the shapes within the paving have been replicated in steel and manipulated or engineered through space. The angular forms carved into the stone also echo the shapes of the paving. When viewed from a distance the stone appears to float in space and could be seen as an evocation of the long-gone cloister capitals which stood on the site of the Yew Octagon and Walk. Triangulum was exhibited at Mottisfont Abbey.

Portland Limestone and Mild Steel.

H 150, W 68, D 68cm.

Royal Society of Sculptors