Liminal Space (abstract figurative sculpture) by sculptor Ian Campbell-Briggs


(Figurative and Abstract Sculpture)

This sculpture is formally related to Fallen IV, Vortex IV and Mandorla. It draws from the constructed planar wing form of Fallen IV, but the two are brought together vertically making a Vesica Piscis or Mandorla shape. The wing forms are made of welded steel rod clad with white Perspex. They twist around each other forming a type of conical volute, capped with a red sphere at either end. In the negative or liminal space between the wings is a fired figure modelled in terracotta. This figure, from the articulation appears to be moving through this space. In anthropology, liminality is the quality of ambiguity or disorientation that occurs in the middle stage of a ritual. During a ritual’s liminal stage, participants stand at the threshold between a previous identity, time, or community and a new way. The sculpture is in a private collection.

Terracotta, Resin, Perspex and Steel.

H 90, W 24, D 34cm.

Royal Society of Sculptors