Labyrinth (abstract sculpture) by sculptor Ian Campbell-Briggs


(Abstract Sculpture)

This was my first exercise in welding a medium-size sculpture using a repeated modular linear form to construct it. The sculpture is not a sphere but an oblate spheroid, slightly compressed at the poles the same as the Earth. I used the rubber mould of the sphere for Arc I to make a plaster cast and reworked the hemispheres until they were matching and oblate. Over these formers I placed the lap jointed modular forms for welding until each hemisphere was completed and both were welded together. The choice of lap joints was so the form looks more organic and not hand-fashioned. Labyrinth was exhibited at Rhondda Heritage Park and Girton College, Cambridge University.

Mild Steel.

H 25, W 32, D 27cm.

Royal Society of Sculptors