Bridge (figurative sculpture) by sculptor Ian Campbell-Briggs


(Abstract Sculpture)

This was one of my Degree Show sculptures. In my third year I specialised in bronze casting at West Surrey College of Art & Design. We were initially taught the old cire-perdue plaster and grog investment method of bronze casting. With this process the wax original could often be damaged when applying the thick and heavy mould around it. Bridge was made using, the new at the time, ceramic shell process. Our sculpture technician had just learnt the process at the Royal College of Art and brought it to our foundry. We were the first sculpture students to try the new process. The advantage was the thinness and strength of the mould. Any damage to the wax could be easily seen and repaired before pouring the bronze. Bridge was made by combining two processes, construction of flat sheets of wax and direct modelling in wax to make the shell forms. Once the cast bronze was cleaned, I patinated it with copper sulphate solution which darkened the base colour and gave a blue turquoise bloom. It has been exhibited at Birtley House, Menier Gallery, Rhondda Heritage Park and The Crypt Gallery.


H 18, W 38, D 21cm.

Royal Society of Sculptors