(Figurative and Abstract Sculpture)

The sculpture uses two languages to portray the same pose. The running figure is slightly elongated in the manner of Parmigianino which adds to the feeling of movement. The inner figure is made of galvanised steel wire, a network of lines which twist and overlap across the form. These lines are a drawing in space, gestural and fluid. The outer structure is made from welded mild steel, it follows the articulation of the galvanised steel but is a planar construction. The mild steel has been allowed to rust so there is a colour contrast between the two materials. The inspiration for the sculpture was posing myself the question of portraying a figure using two completely separate methodologies, gestural and analytical. Whether the two processes would work together aesthetically and still read as one pose. I made this sculpture after the commission for Juno when looking for another way to portray a linear figure.

Mild, Stainless and Galvanised Steel.

H 130, W 60, D 30cm.

Royal Society of Sculptors