(Figurative and Abstract Sculpture)

The sculpture was commissioned by Medway Council with Art Council support for the Fuse Festival at Rochester Cathedral. The sculpture was partly inspired by the Night & Day marble figures in the Nave of the Cathedral. The figure was initially modelled in clay from which I made plaster waste moulds. I cast the moulds with iron resin then chipped away the plaster to reveal the resin cast. The sphere, on which the figure stands, was cast into a hot pour rubber mould in four sections then joined together. The wings are welded in 10mm rod steel using a planar construction. The wing forms draw inspiration from early aircraft design. The two formalised abstract elements, the sphere and wings are combined with a modelled figure. Arc I has subsequently been exhibited at Burghley House, Doddington Hall, Mottisfont Abbey and the Botanic Gardens in Leicester.

Resin and Steel.

H 300, W 188, D 65cm.

Royal Society of Sculptors