Arc I Maquette (abstract figurative sculpture) by sculptor Ian Campbell-Briggs


(Figurative Sculpture)

I modelled the maquette to establish the pose for Arc I and also as a scale model to measure from when working on the full-size commission. The pose of the figure is Contrapposto, that is where most of the weight is on one foot so that the shoulders and arms twist off-axis from the hips and legs. This pose enabled more implied movement and therefore greater articulation of the wings. The figure is also slightly leaning forward and off balance. The modelling is naturalistic and not as gestural as in the large version. In both the maquette and finished sculpture the face is blank and therefore anonymous.  As with the finished sculpture the figure is placed on a sphere, this references Winged Victory sculptures. With the maquette the sphere is polished stainless steel. This not only reflects the figure above but also reflects and distorts its surroundings. The sculpture has been exhibited at Rochester Cathedral, The Bristol Gallery and Birtley House.

Terracotta and Stainless Steel.

H 71, W 24, D 27cm.

Royal Society of Sculptors

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