(Abstract Art)

The sculpture was made for the Elemental Exhibition at Burghley House. Five carved blocks of Lignum represent the Classical Elements and the enclosing steel form is a representation of the hypothetical form of dark energy. Both the classical elements and modern concept of energy are called Quintessence. This is the reason for bringing together the two concepts in one sculpture. Lignum Vitae is Latin for wood of life and derives its name from its medical uses. It is also known as ironwood, due to its hardness. This is densest wood traded and will easily sink. I hand carved each block using interlocking forms similar to those of Dualism and Monism. It is extremely hard and I was constantly having to sharpen my chisels. The steel network piercing and surrounding the blocks is constructed using the same method as used in King-Post and Triangulum. It is constructed from the modular form of two square section pieces of steel rod, welded together at an angle of 45 degrees. This modular shape can be articulated through space and welded to any of the 14 points of its corresponding shape. Quintessence was exhibited at Burghley House.

Argentine Lignum Vitae and Mild Steel.

H 95, W 120, D 110cm.

Royal Society of Sculptors