Fallen IV (abtract figurative sculpture) by sculptor Ian Campbell-Briggs


(Figurative Sculpture)

As one of a series of modular figures with various wing forms, this series of work came before Arc I, and informed it with the three constituent elements and the pose of the figure. The inspiration is the Greek sculpture Victory of Samothrace in the Louvre. The figure was initially modelled in clay standing on a sphere. The pose is contrapposto and leaning forwards on the sphere. Round the clay figure and sphere I made a two-part hot pour rubber moulds so I could make multiple casts. Each of the four figures is cast with a different resin filler. Unlike the rest of the series the wings are constructed in planar steel. The form of the wings and the corrugated surface make these the most aircraft like and are nearest to the eventual form used in Arc I.

Iron Resin, Steel and Wood.

H 48, W 73, D 50cm.

Royal Society of Sculptors