(Figurative and Abstract Sculpture)

Eve is a life-size figurative sculpture which used an abstract formalist methodology in its construction. The initial figure was modelled in plaster over a steel armature or skeleton. The pose of the figure is stretching upwards with a slight contrapposto. This was my second fully realised life-size figure after Juno. Once the plaster former was made I decided where to divide the figure so the welded sections would not lock to the former. I made a steel jig so I could bend lengths of 6mm steel rod to a consistent curvilinear line. This line was then laid over the former and bent along various decided anchor points to follow the topography of the former below. When the next line was made they were welded together and the process was repeated until that section was completed. Eventually the whole figure was covered and the sections could be released from the former and finally welded together. In the catalogue for Metallic at Burghley House, Michael Shaw says “This structurally transparent sculpture is 3D spaghetti wrought into human form. Reference to the first woman is alluded to by a physical depiction whose line seems to have grown into being rather than been hand-fashioned”. Eve has been exhibited at Burghley House and Girton College, Cambridge University.

Mild Steel.

H 230, W 58, D 45cm.

Royal Society of Sculptors